Thursday, January 23, 2014

Merry... er... Happy New... er... hey, look. It's almost February!

There is a distinct possibility that I took my little Christmas break from blogging a little too liberally... no one ever tells you how easy it is to get out of the habit.

But my last two months have been full of friends, family, and food. I hit New Orleans in late December for a weekend with my best friend and then turned around a day later and road tripped from Mississippi to Austin to see my other best friend for a week! Picture spam of Austin soon to follow.

January has been trying for me financially (and I haven't even broached my taxes yet), but February should prove better. I did take the lean money situation as a motivation to work on my New Year's not-resolution-just-genuine-attempt to lose weight. Saving money and calories by not buying any: alcohol, soft drinks, fast food, or fried food. I'm aware that creeping up on thirty means I can no longer drop a quick ten pounds just by adjusting my diet, but I'm hoping my metabolism still has a little bit of leniency with me and this will at least help.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Worth the Calories and the Rage Quits: Peanut M&M Brownie Bites and Forza 4

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I have an XBOX 360 and it is old as balls. Like, I got this thing secondhand when my best friend got the itch for an update on his system like four years ago. It makes weird whistling noises when it starts up and it weighs like half a ton and if you play it for too long it starts to get laggy like a grandpa that needs a nap. But it's still kicking, and that's why I like the XBOX in general. That's why when I go get a new one I want to go for the XBOX One. 

(Are they still trying to get away with calling it the XBOne? Did that fade out? I hope so, because, really. That's just the name you want to give something played by a bunch of teenage boys. The X Bone. Actually, maybe that's exactly the name you want to give something played by a bunch of teenage boys...)

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Holiday cards from Treat, and a giveaway!

Yay, it's almost Christmas! That time of year when I excitedly buy boxes of cards that are super adorable and my friends will love and then I hang onto that box of cards until about the second week of January when I finally admit to myself that I'm probably not gonna get Christmas cards in the mail in time and I shove them in a drawer to use next year. 

So obviously I'm not great at self-motivating when the self-motivating requires getting up off my butt and like, writing things and driving places and all that stuff that falls by the wayside when faced with twitter. But you know what I am great at remembering to do? 

Anything that can be accomplished while also checking twitter - like sending holiday cards on Treat.  You know the schtick with sites like this: pick out the card you want, personalize it, pay for it to be sent all while your posterior keeps the seat of your chair pleasantly warmed. If you want to skip the whole stamp payment they even send cards digitally now. 

Another thing that's pretty badass - you can send gifts on Treat, too. You've got that one aunt that just really, really loves her cat? Plaster that pretty kitty's face all over a coffee mug or five and ship them off. Guaranteed to keep you in her will for at least another year.  

Guess what, kids? Reading pays off. You read this far and now you have a chance to win a mug and stationary set from Treat just for not closing out of this window when you realized how astoundingly unfunny I can really be. All you have to do for an entry to win is go to the Treat site by clicking the banner above and then come back here and comment to tell me what your favorite Treat holiday card is. Don't forget to leave me some way to get in touch with you if you get randomly selected as the winner. Giveaway ends November 23. ETA: Giveaway has ended! Thanks for entering!

If you want the chance to try and win some more Treat goodies, check out the twitter party that @ResourcefulMom is having on November 18 at 2 PM ET. All you have to do is sign onto twitter and follow @ResourcefulMom and the hashtag #TreatCheer. RSVP and more details here.

I have been compensated for this post in the form of my very own mug and stationary set in which I will definitely plaster my cat's face over. Yes, I am that weird relation. Every family has one. No one else wanted to step up to the bat. Stop looking at me like that. She's an awesome cat, you'd love her, too. No you wouldn't, she'd make you bleed. Hi, I'm sorry, have a great day!

Friday, November 8, 2013

A little aside...

I'm not going to go into a whole essay on the merits of fanfic as creative expression and the benefits of transformative works. I could, but I won't. Instead I'll take this post to shamelessly brag about having just posted the last part of a story I've spent my last year working on. Total word count: 180,000.

That's not just a novel, that's a pretty decently sized one. That's longer than The Hobbit. That's longer than four of the Harry Potter books. My entire word count for the year is far tops 400,000.

Other people have taken time out of their own day to create art for my story. Countless people have sent me thank yous and offered their own thoughts, opinions, critiques, suggestions.

I may not be putting books onto shelves, but that's okay. I'm not in this gig for any kind of profit besides the satisfaction of getting stories into the world and... yeah, that moment of pride when it's done and out there.